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2019-20 Concert Reviews

Shrewsbury's Unitarian Church played host to a steady stream of visitors who came to witness a unique artistic spectacle.

Six Tibetan Buddhist monks from a monastery in India visited as part of their tour of Britiain on a mission for world peace.

In the church, they created a mandala, a beautiful work which is made form millinos of particles of coloured sand. As they worked, there was a feeling amongst the monks and their audience of profound calm and concentration.

Accompanied by a ceremony of chanting and traditional instruments, the sand was swept up and taken to the river during the three-day event. Its assembly and destruction symbolises the transient nature of all things.

The same six monks entertained a capacity audience at Maidment Hall, Shrewsbury School, with a programme called 'Sacred Music and Dance from the Land of the Snow', emphasising the importance of ritual in Buddhist life.

A highlight of the evening was a debate, a dramatisation of part of the training of student monks in their quest for the meaning of existence. It was a valuable part of a performance which gave a profound insight into an admirable yet tragically threatened culture.

Shrewsbury Chronicle, 14th November 2019

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